iws190 Standing Strong for Local Business

STIHL is proud to be a major sponsor of Independent We Stand, an organization that promotes independently owned business and touts the benefits of “buying local.” Since 1974, STIHL has “walked the walk” by selling its products exclusively through a network of independent locally-owned, servicing dealers. Learn More about why STIHL supports and works exclusively with independent retailers.

Independent We Stand (IWS) is an important movement that’s gaining momentum across the country. It showcases independents – from “mom & pop” stores to larger companies with local roots – and why these companies are vital to the economic success of their communities. Learn more about Independent We Stand, including the organization’s goals, activities and resources.

STIHL Servicing Dealers

Selling only through servicing Dealers builds loyalty, sales and satisfied customers.

We have nothing against the big box retailers. Really.

But when it comes to distributing, marketing and selling our power equipment, we prefer to keep it in the family. Always have. That's why STIHL is proud to be one of a few power equipment manufacturers to sell its products exclusively through independent servicing Dealers rather than mass merchants.

And the truth is, we owe much of our success to this arrangement, as well as to the quality and dedication of the men and women who proudly display the STIHL sign.

Thanks to 12 hard-working distribution operations across the country, our thousands of dealers stay well stocked and wonderfully supported. So, what advantages do our independent servicing dealers bring to the customer? For starters, they can help you select the right STIHL product.

Most carry a wide variety of tools and accessories for whatever your job, and they can offer fast, professional service if a problem arises. Plus, they can assemble your equipment and give you complete operating and safety instructions before you walk out the door.

To further show our support of our independent Dealers, we decided to sponsor Independent We Stand – a national movement of independent businesses dedicated to educating their communities about the benefits and importance of “buying local.” You can support the cause and help revive the local economy by shopping at these independent businesses. Buy their products. Eat their food. Use their services. In turn, these locally owned and operated businesses will continually pump your hard-earned dollars back into the local economy by way of taxes, payrolls and purchases.

So, whether you are a professional who depends on your tools each day, or a consumer who only has the weekend to get the job done, you can depend on STIHL and STIHL dealers.

World-Renowned Power Tools

If you're looking for quality and innovation in your outdoor power equipment, you've come to the right place. At STIHL we're never satisfied with success. We're always working to improve product performance. One reason for STIHL's success is that we sell only through servicing dealers to support the end user with products and service.

Learn more about how STIHL continues to lead the industry.

 StihlAn Industry Leader
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 StihlContinuous Performance Improvements
STIHL is focused on quality and innovation, and has been for nearly a century. We are committed to continuous technological advances to meet customer needs.
 StihlSTIHL Inc.
In 1974 STIHL opened its Virginia Beach, Va. plant. We now produce almost 200 different models of chain saws and power tools for more than 80 countries.
 StihlBig Success Without Big Boxes
Our independent servicing dealers sell great STIHL products, and most carry a wide variety of tools and accessories. They also service your STIHL products.
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For dependable, quality outdoor power tools and equipment, count on STIHL! We also carry terrific accessories to help you get the job done right.